Why Being Spontaneous Makes You Better At Life

confidence courage mindset Aug 20, 2019

And makes your life a whole lot better

If you follow my stories you know I often times will literally JUMP, feet first, into an opportunity that lands in my lap whether it’s a new fitness class or agreeing to perform a circus act in front of 100 people. 😳 I say yes and figure it out along the way. But I haven’t always been that way…⁣

I am a recovering over-thinker.

For example, years ago I took my daughter into a furniture store about once a week to look at a gorgeous purple couch that I was in love with. Finally after about 6 months of looking at it, sitting on it and basically drooling over it, she finally said “ Mom, I don’t want to keep doing this. Why don’t you just buy the couch already?” Did I mention she was about 9 at the time?😝

I’ll never forget feeling humiliated for being called out by a child and also being delighted by her wisdom and matter-of-factness. ⁣

I’m not about to suggest you make snap decisions about BIG life decisions but becoming more spontaneous when the cost is low, can change your life in a few BIG ways:⁣ *When you don’t have time to over-think about an opportunity, you are not giving fear a chance to stop you from trying something new. #instantcourage

  1. You reconnect to your intuition. If you’re presented with an opportunity and your first thought is “YESSSS-I WANT TO DO THAT” and you act on it, you’ll begin to not only hear what your gut is telling you more often but you’ll also begin to trust that it knows what’s up.
  2. The more you say yes, the more opportunities become available to you and the more fun you have! The more you try new things, the more available you’ll be energetically to have new experiences come your way. Have you ever shopped for a new car and suddenly you see that exact car EVERYWHERE? Yep. Same thing here. Say yes to more fun and you’l find the fun everywhere!⁣
  3. It keeps your energy MOVING-no more feeling “stuck” when trying to make a decision. Taking action toward anything creates momentum toward everything.⁣

Now I want to hear from you-are you a jump and figure it out later kind of gal or an over thinker like I used to be? Hit me up on The Gram  and let me know!⁣