Why You Need To Be Seeking Discomfort

The road to success is paved with discomfort. 

It is so easy to accept feeling temporary discomfort- when we are at the very beginning of a project, or starting a new business or beginning a relationship, we expect it; but once we *hit our stride* why do we assume things are supposed to feel effortless?

The hard truth is this: if it feels effortless, you're headed for stagnation.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for comfort. Like a slow Sunday morning in your favorite jammies or a Friday night Netflix and chill.

But if you're reading this you are a high achiever and growth is your middle name. In order to reach big goals you've got to let go of the desire to feel comfortable all the time.

Seeking discomfort is the secret to achieving your biggest goals. 

Here's the rub-our brains are hardwired to avoid discomfort and to seek pleasure. The moment we feel uncomfortable the brain assumes the worst (imminent death) and tells us to retreat to our comfort zone because it's safe there.

Knowing that the desire to stay on the least path of resistance is a primitive fear based response and not a feeling created in our logical mind, it makes it easier to put fear aside and move forward into the *discomfort zone* of growth.

When you avoid discomfort you avoid transformation. 

~ Erin Lindstrom


Remind yourself often that we are all here on this earth to lift each other up, to serve others and to continue to evolve into the best humans we can be and that is going to require a lot of discomfort.

Buckle up, you're in for an amazing ride.


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