The Life Map Program

The  Life Map Program

Wandering through life without clear direction can be exhausting not to mention completely unfulfilling.

The Life Map Program walks you step by step through the entire process of setting big, exciting goals and creating your own personal roadmap so you know exactly how to reach them; while keeping your energy tank full.


Does This Sound Like You?

Does This Sound Like You?
  • Do you ever feel like your body's "check engine" light has been on and you're still driving it hard like "everything's going to be fine. Right?" But it feels ANYTHING but fine?
  • Or every time you let yourself dream big you end up talking yourself out of it?
  • Or everyone else knows EXACTLY what they want out of life and you don't even know what you want for dinner?

Turns out there's more to life than the daily grind. A lot more.

If the thought of creating your dream life has you feeling anything BUT dreamy, I get it.

When I was exhausted, overwhelmed and on the verge of breakdown, the last thing I could imagine was a life filled with joy, love and ease let alone how to get myself there.

5 years, a coaching degree and 100's of clients later and I have fine tuned the tools you need to get super clear on what you want in life and I'll teach you exactly how to get it.

Let's figure out what your dream life looks like.



  • Knowing exactly what lights you up and gives your life purpose.
  • Having the self trust you need to navigate any situation life throws at you like a pro.
  • Knowing what triggers you to fall into negative behavioral patterns and knowing how to course correct before you head down the wrong path.
  • Knowing exactly what to say when you need to set a boundaries or have that hard conversation with kindness, and clarity.
  • Waking up everyday feeling happy and living a life from a place of ease.

Program Structure



Carol will give you the courage to create a big dream and step into your greater purpose.  She will help you reframe your mindset and give you practical tools to help you reexamine the fears that have been holding you back.



   Each month you will be given the foundations and tools via recored audio to create a new empowering narrative for yourself. Each month will cover a new, empowering topic based on your unique path.



Monthly assignments and accountability will help you create and cultivate lasting change and allow you to create your own road map to be used again and again.


  • You know you want more from your life but have NO idea what that even looks like.
  • You lack a clear vision and life's purpose.
  • You feel lost, completely unfocused and unmotivated.
  • You let fear decide how big your "big dream" is.
  • You are open to the idea that your dreams matter and you've got what it takes to achieve them, you just need a little guidance.
  • You are ready to put down the excuses,  take courageous action and live life on your terms.



Investment: $2500

Payment options:

Full Payment of $2500 (save $197)

Make 3 payments of $899 each


How long is the Life Map program?

The Life Map Program is a 12 week private coaching program. 3 months. You and me. Let's get a clear destination in sight and change your path together.

What is included in this program?

The Life Map Program includes:

  • 6 Private Coaching Calls with yours truly to work through life's speed bumps and detours. We will also create a SOLID road map, leading you to the dream destination that is your future.
  • 3 Audio Lessons teaching you the foundational tools to create your dream life and giving you the tools you need to course correct or navigate any unexpected road blocks along the way.
  • Monthly Worksheets that will guide you to create your own personal GPS. You can print these up and tuck them away for times when the journey feels a little bumpy.

I'm super busy. How much time will I need to spend on this each week?

Learning to keep the tank full and the destination in clear view means not taking short cuts. 1-2 hours a week will have you riding in style before you know it.

When does the program begin?

This program has rolling enrollment so I'm ready to ride shot gun with you as soon as you're ready!

Is there an option for a payment plan?

YES! If you don't want to take advantage of the pay in full discount, you can make 3 monthly payments of $899 per month.

How do I sign up?

We will hop on a call together so I can answer any questions you may have before you put any money down! Once I receive payment, either paid in full or 1 of 3 monthly payments, we'll schedule our 1:1 calls for times that are convenient for you and you'll receive a welcome video and some prework to get you primed and ready for the journey ahead.


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