A group coaching program for female identifying entrepreneurs who are ready to take a modern approach to scaling their business so they can create MORE impact and MORE success by working less, without stress.


You're exhausted. You're overwhelmed. You feel stuck in the very life you've worked so hard to create.

You're probably thinking "I made it. I've created a thriving business. Why don't I fee happy?

It's because you're too tired to enjoy it.


In Order To Scale Beyond Six Figures You Think You Need:

 Yet Another Strategy

A New, Expensive Business Coach

A Better, Higher Ticket Offer

But here's the reality... Even if you do these things you'll most likely end up on the same hamster wheel you've been on, feeling burned out, overwhelmed and not any happier than before.

What You Really Need:

 Learn How To Achieve More With Less of Your Time

Feel Energized To Enjoy Your Free Time, and Your Relationships GUILT FREE

Separate YOU From Your Work and Love Your Life Outside of Your Business



Imagine Waking Up With Joy, Having Space In Your Day To Breathe AND Creating Massive Impact And Success

 Imagine Waking Up With Joy, Having Space In Your Day To Breathe AND Creating Massive Impact And Success

You know it's time to scale your business and upgrade your life. You've been pouring your heart and soul into your career, leaving the other areas of your life to operate on autopilot. How can you possibly squeeze in more work or time with the family when you're already running on fumes?

Hi, I'm Carol Elizabeth

Hi, I'm Carol Elizabeth

Hi, I'm Carol Elizabeth

I can relate to what you're feeling. I people-pleased, and performed constantly in order to feel worthy.

And when that didn't bring the happiness I was looking for, I did more. I tried harder. I worked longer hours and ignored that feeling of overwhelm for as long as I could.

Suddenly  the only choice I had was to stay in the same pattern of self destruction or make some pretty big changes to my life.

I chose to change.

I dove deep into personal development learned that I had power over my thoughts.  I could choose what I wanted to think and feel and that's when I started creating my life very intentionally and getting results that made me deeply happy. 

I created more space in my calendar, more time for the things and people that I love and as a result of this ease in my life, I found myself making more of an impact, more success and I'm going to share all my time tested secrets with you too!




  • Feeling in total control of your time.
  • Having time each day to crush it in your business AND relax, chill with the fam and play.
  • Waking up every day, knowing you'll maximize your time, connect with fellow Bosses and feel proud of yourself without having to sell out or burn out.
  • Having the confidence to show up fully in your career and beyond.
  •  Having clear focus on your path to the woman who gets what she wants and helps others along the way.
  • Having your mentor (that's me!) to guide you every step of the way.



Creating a successful business and a joyful life isn’t about doing more, pushing harder and saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way.

It’s about unlearning what we’ve been taught about how we as women need to show up in the world, what we should value and the idea that success requires hustling 24/7.

After working with hundreds of women over the last 7 years I’ve developed a proven framework that will help you create the time, space, and success that you know you deserve, while working LESS, not more.


There are 3 pillars we will focus on in MORE EASE PLEASE


  • Learn my proven time management system that will allow you to get more done in less time and you will use your time very intentionally to create results while prioritizing yourself.
  • Go from being the person who feels constantly behind to  the person who manages her time well, all the time.
  • Drop the feeling of constant overwhelm and time scarcity to appreciate being in the present moment. (And enjoy your life even more!)
  • Become a pro at prioritizing what’s truly important. You will create self respect and confidence in yourself, and shift from people-pleasing to prioritizing yourself. 
  • Never use “I’m so busy” as an excuse again, and finally find the time to do what you REALLY want to do in your life without ever guilty about it.




  1. Develop self trust. As a result, you will become comfortable making decisions quickly and will no longer be dependent on other’s people’s opinions.
  2. Set effective boundaries.  This will create deeper connection with others, based on honesty and respect.
  3. Learning to let go of your perceived limitations so you can become more YOU. The you who can create the money, success and love that’s available and waiting for you.
  4. No longer feel like you’re going at it alone and everything depends on you, you will stop seeking validation from others to do what you truly want.
  5. Feel confident in communicating your expectations of others without hurting their feelings or burning bridges.


  1. Learn how to coach yourself through any situation, so you can be able to navigate anything life throws at you..
  2. Finally give up the fear of being judged, so you can stop being afraid of feeling and expressing your emotions and being your full self.
  3. Become a better leader for your team and your family, so you can be a great example of all that is possible.
  4. Learn how to let go of the fear of losing control so you can learn to feel comfortable navigating uncertainty.
  5. Learn how to truly enjoy relaxing and taking time off, without feeling guilty or like you should be working.

This Program Is Perfect For You If..


You're Hustling Your Way To Your First Six Figures

 You’re striving for success, and you’re working really hard to get here, but you’re starting to feel like you don't have time for anything else but work. 

You're beginning to lose yourself.


You're Consistently Making Multiple Six Figures

You're so proud of all you've accomplished but you feel like you can barely keep your head above water.

It's hard to imagine working any harder without completely burning out.


Scaling To Seven Figures Is The Dream

 You're ready to stop feeling like an employee in your own business but shifting from Solopreneur to CEO feels incredibly stressful and scary. 

 Your high standards (AKA perfectionism and need for control) are keeping you stuck in the day-to-day grind and you don't see a way out.

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Your Investment for lifetime access

$1997   $1697 

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Private Membership Portal

The More Ease Please Framework is in our portal with 15+ video modules, breaking down the step by step process. Do the work whenever you want, come back and revisit topics whenever you need to refresh your strategy.

Twice A Month Live Coaching

Get your questions answered by Carol and Carol's Team of Coaches during our twice monthly LIVE coaching session. This is an opportunity to ask ANYTHING  related to creating more ease, success, impact and joy in your life.

Community Support

You'll have lifetime access to the private Facebook community to celebrate your results and get the support you need as you work through the course. This is a safe space to connect, grow and celebrate with your fellow Ease Seekers.

Member's Only Private Podcast

Access to the More Ease Please private podcast so you can download all coaching call recordings, weekly mini trainings and guided meditations to listen whenever it's most convenient for you.

Daily Access To Coaching

Daily, private access to me and my team of coaches in our private Facebook group. (Monday-Friday). Have a quick question or need some real time coaching? We're here for you!

Adventure and Fun

Fun challenges and activities to help you cement your learning and grow your confidence all while having a really great time doing it.

Join More Ease Please Now

Your Investment for lifetime access

$1997   $1697 

*Launch Party discount available for a limited time*


When does More Ease Please begin?

The doors officially open on Monday October 25th.

What is included in this program?

 More Ease Please includes lifetime access to:

  • 15+ video trainings plus printable workbooks and worksheets that teaches my proven framework.
  • Daily, private access to me in our private Facebook group. (Monday-Friday). Have a quick question or need some real time coaching? I'm here for you!
  • Twice monthly, live group coaching calls. Get your questions answered by Carol and Carol's team of coaches during our LIVE coaching sessions. This is an opportunity to ask ANYTHING related to creating more ease, more income, more free time, more connection more of what you crave in your life!
  • Access to the More Ease Please private podcast where you can download all coaching calls, mini trainings and guided meditation recordings for anytime support. 

I'm super busy. What if I can't make it to all the group coaching calls?

All the more reason to join this program!!

Our calls will be about one hour in length and will be recorded and uploaded to the private podcast. You'll be surprised at how transformational it can be to listen to someone else getting coached. There's always something you can take and apply to your life!

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to all course materials, group coaching, private podcast and the private Facebook group! 

Is there an option for a payment plan?

YES! If you don't want to take advantage of the pay in full discount, you can make 12 monthly payments of $167. Easy Peasy!

How do I sign up?

It's easy peasy! Choose your payment option and click the link for either the paid in full discount or the payment plan option. Once you've completed the payment process you will receive an email from me with all the info you need to access the course, private podcast and private Facebook group.



I've started prioritizing myself as I work to grow my revenue. I was thinking about it the other day, how crazy it is how little I'm working and how much time I'm spending on me and my $$ is growing. CRAZY.

Maddie, Sioux Falls, SD


I have been hustling HARD for the last few years and finally reached that 6 figure mark in my business. I knew I wanted to keep growing but literally cried at the idea of having to work longer and harder in order to make more.

Carol helped me shift my mindset, my priorities and my goals so I not only had some breathing room to come up with creative solutions in my business, but I also had time to hang out with my kids and my husband again. 

To say that we all loved that I investment in coaching is an understatement!

Rachael P, Minneapolis, MN


Before I started working with Carol I felt stuck in my life and that made me feel hopeless. I knew I wanted something different but didn't have the time or energy to be able to figure it out.

After only a few months of coaching, I had created space in my life for myself, my family and my dreams. 

Coaching is magical and I highly recommend letting Carol be your guide. Your life won't be the same, it'll be better!

Karen L, Seattle WA


I didn't really know what coaching was until I started working with Carol. I have done therapy in the past and found it quite helpful but this mentorship was beyond my hopes and dreams. Creating your dream life is such a POWERFUL experience! Carol has such great energy and I truly felt like she was there for me every step of the way.

Suzanne, Portland OR


I had reached a point in my life where i felt pretty solid in my career trajectory but had let my personal life slip through the cracks. Carol helped me see what is really important to me and helped me gain the confidence I needed to prioritize my relationships and ask for what I need. This program was worth every penny!

Allison R, Vancouver BC


Join More Ease Please Now

Your Investment for lifetime access

$1997   $1697 

*Launch Party discount available for a limited time*


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