If there’s one thing I know about transforming your life, it’s this:You can’t do it alone.

This is one of two big reasons that I love to lead in-person events, talks, and workshops. The other is seeing just how much it benefits your organization and team.

Bringing me in to lead a workshop or off-site event for your organization means you’ll receive:

  • Improved Team Cohesion: It’s easy for a company to slip into the trap of competition and “one-up-manship,” especially when you’ve hired high-performers. The problem is: the best teams work together -- not in competition with one another. When I lead the women in an organization through my workshop content, they don’t just gain new tools for their own growth and work performance -- they also bond with one another. This team cohesion provides them with an in-house support system where they can help lift each other up, communicate openly, and provide valuable creative energy to the business.
  • New Skills = Increased Productivity & Creativity:Teaching high-achievers how to strike the right balance between hustle and downtime isn’t just so they can “feel better,” (although that’s a nice result). It also helps them perform at an even higher level. Burnout isn’t just unhealthy or inconvenient -- it also creates an interruption in productivity and workflow. Gaining new skills and tools that help your employees prevent burnout, access their creativity, and cultivate focus allows them to bring their absolute best to their work, and therefore, to your business.
  • More Confident Employees = Better Output: You’ll never see an employee’s best work if they’re hiding in a corner, afraid to speak their mind or share their ideas. The fact is - you may have hired smart, high-achieving, and hard-working individuals but without confidence, they’re only running on half the fuel needed to actualize their full potential. Adding confidence to the mix is a true game-changer that allows a person to really deliver their best. Many of my workshops are designed to help high-performing women become more confident in the workplace, which means you’ll get even more value from these key team members.

Carol is a certified life coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Founder of Carol Elizabeth Coaching, Carol uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment, confidence and success.


Potential Workshop Topics

  • Preventing & Managing Burnout: I don’t need to be a Forbes 500 CEO to tell you that there’s no greater killer of productivity than straight up BURN OUT. Burn out impedes your team’s ability to operate at their best. Which means - bottom line -- that you’re not getting the most value for their salary. In most corporations, the focus is often on PRODUCTIVITY at all costs. But when too many hours get logged, and too many tasks get “done,” without taking the proper precautions to avoid burnout, you end up with careless mistakes, haphazard, lower quality work, and exhausted employees who can’t deliver their best. And that’s not how you want your organization to run long-term. I designed this workshop to provide tools, systems, and support to your team members and leaders that will help them self-manage their own workload, schedule, and time off so that they make the most of their time on-the-clock.
  • How To Be Creative On Demand: It’s no great surprise that a company’s greatest value lies in not just its people, but in their ability to innovate. Revolutionary innovation can show up anywhere: from an employee’s approach to operations to product development and design to key partnerships to marketing and advertising to client relations. Regardless of the department, there’s always room for improvement. Thing is - improvement only happens when we’re able to apply truecreative problem-solving to known areas of weakness. In this full day/1 hour/half dayworkshop, I’ll walk participants through a series of exercises that will help them access the creative side of their brain on demand.
  • The Inner Game Of Achievement: Cultivating A Mindset For Success: Slaying goal after goal after goal is admirable and highly prized in our culture of “more, more, more.” But all too often (what I see with my high-achieving clients) the focus becomes ALL about the goal. That means that less attention is paid to the process, the strategy, and the potential growth opportunities that pop up along the way. What I propose in this workshop is a value shift away from the GOAL itself, along with practical mindset tools that will help create more profit opportunities for your company. After all, sometimes goals and plans evolve over time -- but when you’re TOO fixated with blinders on, you can miss the mark entirely. With this workshop, I’ll make sure your team has the right mindset to both stay the course, achieve the goal, and get the MOST out of the process in getting there.
  • 5 to 9: Optimizing Your Work Day After Hours:Does your team know how to set themselves up for a successful day, week, month, quarter and year? The truth is that so much of the energy, mindset, and focus that we bring to our workday goes beyond the hours clocked at the office. It’s my belief, as evidenced by my work with hundreds of women, that the BEST (most productive, successful) days don’t happen by accident. As a matter of fact, we can intentionally and mindfully create what I call our “highest potential days.” The trick is all the “work” that happens when you’re NOT at work. This workshop will bring new meaning to the term “happy hour” as we talk about the best habits and routines to cultivate from 5 to 9, so you can make the absolute most of your 9 to 5!
  • Redefining Success On Your Terms: What does “success” mean to you? What does it mean in your organization? What does it mean to your team? Sure, your company may have a clear culture and set of values, but they may or may not align with your employees’. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not the right fit. However, it canmean that it’s time to evaluate what success really looks like for the individual. When your team members know what success means to them, they’re able to self-motivate and self-evaluate (outside of your performance evaluations) as well as prioritize their goals accordingly. This workshop will walk participants through a process of getting clear on their very own definition of success so they can use it to guide their decision-making as confident leaders of their area of specialization.
  • How To Create Work-Life Balance: What makes an epic day? Most of the clients I work with would define an “epic day” as... getting TONS done, having great ideas, contributnig creatively and strategically to their team, managing the people in their department well, enjoying the work, accomplishing a big goal. But the piece they don’t mention is alsofeeling good after Which means they’re still energized, clear-headed, and able to do something else that they enjoy besides work. The problem I see is that these work/life scenarios rarely occur simultaneously. It’s either TOO much work, or… too much work. ;) And it doesn’t have to be this way! There are simple tools and strategies that can help someone create more space in their work day and add more joy to their life so it all feels balanced. This workshop will share the best of what I’ve learned over my 20 years of working with powerful women to help them achieve their goals.

I also create custom workshops if you want to tailor the experience to your company’s needs.


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